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Hubzilla Documentation:


idgenerated indexint(11)NOPRINULLauto_increment
app_idhash identifying this appchar(255)NOMUL
app_sigcurrently unusedchar(255)NO
app_authorxchan_hash of app creatorchar(255)NO
app_namename of appchar(255)NOMUL
app_descoptional description of apptextNONULL
app_photoapp iconchar(255)NOMUL
app_versionversion of appchar(255)NOMUL
app_channelchannel_id owning this instance of the appint(11)NOMUL0
app_addrreddress/webbie of app creatorchar(255)NO
app_pricefree-form price fieldchar(255)NOMUL
app_pagecurrently unusedchar(255)NO
app_requiresaccess ruleschar(255)NO
app_createddatetime of app creationdatetimeNO
app_editeddatetime of last app editdatetimeNO
app_deleted1 = deleted, 0 = normalint(11)NO
app_system1 = imported system app, 0 = member created appint(11)NO

Storage for personal apps

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