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xlink - used to store social graph and channel ratings

xlink_idsequential IDint(10) unsignedNOPRINULLauto_increment
xlink_xchanxchan.xchan_hash of controlling channelchar(255)NOMUL
xlink_linkxchan.xchan_hash of link target (connection or rating)char(255)NOMUL
xlink_ratingint ratingint(11)NOMUL0
xlink_rating_txtrating textmediumtextNOMUL0
xlink_updatedtimestamp of update in GMTdatetimeNOMUL0000-00-00 00:00:00[tr][td]xlink_static0 for social graph, 1 for ratingsint(11)NOMUL0
xlink_sigbase64url encoded signature of rating informationint(11)NOMUL0

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